What is Developer Relations (DevRel)?

What is Developer Relations (DevRel)?


In this article, we'll go over developer relations, what it is, what the team does, and their importance.

Developer Relations by Definition

Developer Relations (DevRel), as the name implies, means building relationships with developers between a product and the developers that use the product.

DevRel is a multifaceted field comprising various activities designed to bridge the gap between a company and its developer community. At its core, DevRel focuses on creating a positive and supportive environment for developers, ensuring they have the resources, tools, and information needed to succeed in building their product.

As Ewan Dennis said:

To the community, I represent the company. To the company, I represent the community. I must have both of their interests in mind at all times.- Ewan Dennis, quoted in The Business Value of Developer Relations

What does the team do?

There are a couple of activities the DevRel team does to ensure that this includes:

  1. Communication and Advocacy:

    • The DevRel team act as liaisons between developers and the company, advocating for the needs and interests of the developer community.

    • Effective communication is crucial, and DevRel often involves creating content, blog posts, tutorials, and documentation to help developers understand and utilize a company's products or services.

  2. Community Building:

    • Online forums, discussion groups, and social media platforms are common channels to facilitate community interaction and collaboration.

    • DevRel teams work to cultivate and nurture communities around a company's products or technologies. This involves organizing events, meetups, and webinars and engaging in social media to foster a sense of belonging among developers.

  3. Feedback Loop:

    • The DevRel team serves as a feedback channel between developers and the company's product and engineering teams. They do this by collecting iterative feedback loops that help enhance products, address issues, and tailor offerings to better meet developer needs.

    • They also collect insights on pain points, feature requests, and general sentiments to help improve and refine the developer experience.

  4. Education and Training:

    • Providing educational resources is a key aspect of DevRel. This can include webinars, workshops, tutorials, and documentation that empower developers to master a company's technologies.

    • DevRel teams often collaborate with educational institutions, ensuring a pipeline of skilled developers and fostering the growth of the overall developer ecosystem.

What values does the DevRel Team provide to the company?

  1. Developer Empowerment:

    • DevRel is instrumental in empowering developers by providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in their projects. This, in turn, builds loyalty and trust within the developer community.
  2. Product Improvement:

    • The constant feedback loop between developers and the company helps refine and improve products. Developers become valuable contributors to the evolution of a company's offerings, making them more aligned with user needs.
  3. Brand Advocacy:

    • Through effective communication and community building, DevRel turns developers into brand advocates. These advocates are crucial in promoting a company's products within their networks.


In this article, we covered what DevRel is, what the team does, and the important work it does in fostering collaboration, communication, and community building. As companies continue to recognize the importance of developer ecosystems, the role of DevRel is likely to evolve and expand, contributing to the growth and success of both developers and the organizations they support.

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